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Knocking Bird Creative began in 2015 to create powerful images for pole dancers, aerialists, and acrobats.  


Knock is the Los Angeles based artist behind the camera.  She began her creative journey as a filmmaker specializing in behind the scenes work such as producing and production design.  She has worked on numerous music videos, shorts, featured films, and commercials.   


One day at the office, the elevator broke down and she almost had a heart attack climbing up 4 flights of stairs.  Knock decided it was time to work out.  All those tasty late night snacks on set were not paying off.  Many youtube videos later, she found a Groupon deal for a local pole dance studio.  7 years later, she's a full pledge pole and aerial addict.  

As a pole dancer herself, she understands the physical and creative demands of aerial and dance.  Holding any pose (upside down, face relaxed, with clean lines) is hard! Her shoots are safe, fun, and collaborative.  She crafts each image uniquely to the artist and their style.  



Her images are dramatic, bold, and memorable - merging the world of cinemas and movement arts.   

Publications & Featurettes

Magazines - But Tre, Sugar KISS, 

Websites - Jagged Vertical Dance Fitness, Luscious Maven, Smoke & Mirror Fitness, SF Pole & Dance, Tarantina Show 

Musicians - ProjectTaiko

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