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Photo Preparation Guide

Hello, Beautiful!


Thank you so much for booking this session with me. I'm so excited to work with you.


 I want you to feel 100% comfortable before your shoot. Below is a detailed guide to help you understand the whole process and how best to prepare.

Please take the time to read it entirely.






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1. Start Reflecting

Ask yourself what you want out of this photoshoot. Do you need photos for personal use or for a professional portfolio.  What do you want us to capture?


Ask yourself these questions and then build your poses. 

  • Are you flexible?  Do you love to show off your strong back muscles and abs?  Curate your moves to show off and compliment your strengths 

Pick poses you can hold for at-least 10 seconds or execute repeatedly.

We need multiple takes and time to find the optimal angle and give you directions.

  • LESS IS MORE - Many of the best photos come from simple and comfortable holds.  When you relax and feel confident about a move, it will show in your body. 

    • Shapes and artistry matter more than difficulty.

    • Advance moves don't always translate well on camera


You are the focus of the shots, not the tricks.

⚪️  Watch the video below.  Even though this shoot is geared towards ballet and contemporary dance, there are very helpful tips for posing and showing off what you want the photographer to see.

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2. Outfits

Wear outfits that you LOVE, and LOVE being seen in. 

Plan at least 3-5 choices to add variety 

  • Neutral tone, bold, and solids colors look great on camera. 

  • Plan and practice your outfits to compliment your poses. Flowey skirts/dresses are best for upright or side moves where it can drape but not cover your face.

  • Props are encouraged.  Please practice beforehand with them. 

  • Be aware of complicated costumes that take a long time to get into. It's best to start out with those so you can afford quicker outfit changes in the middle of your session.

  • We also have a variety of long and layered dresses/skirts for you to use on the day of the shoot.


Don't be afraid to go big and bold. What you wear for your shoot should be an extension of your movements and personality.


  • Overly busy patterns and ill-fitting outfits.

  • Clothing that restricts or overly compromise your movements.   


Feel free to send us your picks ahead of time.  

⚪️  Check out the wonder dance video by @NivNovak to see the dramatic effects of fabric and color. 

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3. Practice, Practice, Practice

 Now that you've got your poses selected, work on ironing the details and refining your movements. 


Prepare hard, so that you can pose easy.


  • As a general tip, drop the shoulders, let the arms float, keep tension in the wrist, and soften your fingers.  

  • Make the shape your own with how and where you place the arms.

  • Try not to block your face or better yet use it to frame.

  • Stiff hands will give away that you are stressed.  Imagine holding a delicate flower or compact mirror.  


  • Present your face to the camera.

  • Breathe with your movement so your mouth can soften.

  • Generally, roll your shoulder downs, push the collar bone forward, and elongate the neck.

  • Look in the direction of your head and remember to relax the eyes.



  • Find studio time to practice your moves as much as possible.

  • Record your poses so you can see what to add or reduce.  

  • Rehearse your list so you can better manage your energy level. Mix the level of difficulties so you don't exhaust yourself. 

Really look at yourself in the mirror and

take notice of what you like best about yourself.

⚪️  Pole artist Miglena Laf aka @Miglena_ThePoleDancer offers

practical exercises you can follow along.   Go to12:08 for aerial tricks.

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4. On the Day of...




  • One of the most important things to have on the day is a list of your poses.

  • Have it handy on your phone/tablet/laptop. A print out makes it easier to reference.

  • Ask a friend if they can take pictures of you in the angles you want to capture. 

  • We recommend organizing your moves by floor work, standing height, and aerial.


  • Take your list and decide which ones are accessible and challenging. 

All your poses should be done comfortably, safely, and without a spot.


  • If you can't hold it for longer than 10 seconds or feel unsteady, consider saving it for the next photoshoot.

  • Begin with the simple shapes. Starting easy will calm your nerves and get you acclimated with how the shoot works. 

  • Once you get used to the process, move into more challenging strength based moves. 

  • Plan your flexible moves last as you are likely to be at your most warm and open. 



  • You can come to the studio an hour before your session to warm-up​

  • Warm-up supplies: yoga mat, yoga blocks, back warmer, etc 

  • Wipes for you feet

  • Grip aid

  • A towel for your body and face 

  • Robe so you can keep warm and comfortable

  • Your outfits & shoes (if you're using them) 



Nothing dampers a photoshoot like feeling rushed or late. Come early.

If you arrive late, we cannot guaranteed you the full session time.


  • We recommend arriving at least  20-30 mins before your scheduled time (not including time to park and walk to shoot location). 

  • Stretch and warm up properly.



  • If you have long hair, be sure to bring a hair tie or clip incase certain moves cover your face

  • You can try different hair styles for different trick​

  • Up dos are great for inversions, long hair for poses where you are faced to the side 



  • Moisturize

  • Have your makeup done before arriving

  • Even out your skin tone

  • Exaggerate your features, outline the eyes especially. Just like a performance, the bigger the better. 

  • Bring setting powder and essential makeup items for touch ups

  • Avoid bronzers and highlighters with a shimmer or glitters. Matte or satin products without shine will look best on camera.

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5. Here to Help!

Please do not be overwhelmed by the preparation guide.

It is meant to give you insights and an actionable plan on how to get the most out of your photoshoot.  My team and I are here to support you and provide guidance with the entire process.  Send us a message if you need any input on outfits or poses before the shoot. 


Behind every glamorous "effortless" looking shot, is a slew of laugh, slips, and sweats. 

You do not need to be perfect in every move or outfit choices. Take this time to prepare and get to know yourself.  What story do you want to tell in this photoshoot? It is our job to translate what you value into an image. 


Celebrate YOUR  pole & aerial accomplishments with this photoshoot. 

Go easy in the lead up to the session so you can avoid injuries and feeling fatigued on the day of. 

  • Get plenty of sleep the night before.

  • Eat something light and healthy a few hours before your session time. If you go on an empty stomach, you will run out of energy. 

  • Drink plenty of water.


Finally...and Most Importantly....

Smile, point your toes, and have fun!


Bring a friend to cheer you on.

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